Friday, March 29, 2019

Sweet Sixteen Tournament Tidbits - Friday

Michigan State is in the Elite Eight for the first time since 2015 and the 14th time overall.  They are 9-4 in the Elite Eight.  Michigan State defeated Louisville 76-70 in the 2015 Elite Eight before losing to Duke in the Final Four.

Michigan State is 5-0 vs. #3 seeds.  The 5 wins is the most without a loss all-time in the tournament.

Michigan State is 10-1 vs. the SEC.

LSU is 2-9 vs. the Big Ten.

Auburn is in the Elite Eight for the first time since 1986 and the 2nd time overall.  They are 0-1 in the Elite Eight.  Auburn lost to Louisville 84-76 in the 1986 Elite Eight.

Auburn's 97 points is their most in 25 tournament games.  Their previous high was 90 vs. Indiana in the 1987 Round of 32 and vs. Bradley in the 1988 Round of 64.

Auburn is 2-2 vs. the ACC and 1-1 vs. North Carolina.

Auburn is 5-1 as an automatic bid.

Auburn is 2-2 vs. #1 seeds.  Their other win over a #1 seed was 81-65 vs. St. John's in the Round of 32.  All of the other 3 games vs. #1 seeds were as a #8 seed in the Round of 32.

North Carolina is 12-7 vs. the SEC.

North Carolina is 8-2 vs. #5 seeds.  It is the first time they have ever lost to a #5 seed when seeded #1.

North Carolina is 6-3 playing in the state of Missouri, but have lost 3 of their last 4.

North Carolina is 37-4 on Fridays in the tournament.  The loss snaps a 25-game winning streak by North Carolina on Fridays.

Duke is in the Elite Eight for the second consecutive year and the 22nd time overall.  They are 16-5 in the Elite Eight.  Duke lost to Kansas 85-81 in the 2018 Elite Eight.

Duke is 6-1 vs. #4 seeds.

Duke is 3-0 vs. teams from the ACC.

Virginia Tech is 0-3 vs. #1 seeds.

Virginia Tech is 1-1 in the Sweet Sixteen.

Duke and North Carolina have lost on the same day in the tournament only once.  It was on March 11, 1979 in the Round of 32.  Duke lost to St. John's 80-78 and North Carolina lost to Penn 72-71.

Kentucky is in the Elite Eight for the first time since 2017 and the 38th time overall.  They are 17-20 in the Elite Eight.  Kentucky lost to North Carolina 75-73 in the 2017 Elite Eight.

Kentucky is 3-1 vs. the American Athletic Conference.  Their only loss was in the 2014 National Championship Game to Connecticut.

Kentucky is 8-2 vs. #3 seeds and have won 4 straight.

Kentucky wins their 31st game of the 2010's.  They are 1 win away from tying the record for the most wins in a decade.  UCLA in the 1970's and Duke in the 1990's won 32 games.

Kentucky is 8-1 playing in the state of Missouri.  This was their first ever tournament game played in Kansas City.  Their previous 8 Missouri games were is St. Louis.

Houston's game against Kentucky was their first ever tournament game against an SEC team.

Houston is 6-1 when playing in the state of Missouri.  Coming into the game, they had the most wins in Missouri without a loss.

Houston is 1-1 vs. #2 seeds

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