Saturday, April 3, 2021

National Semifinal - UCLA vs. Gonzaga Tidbits

Gonzaga is 39-22 in the NCAA Tournament

Gonzaga is in their 1st National Championship Game since 2017 and 2nd overall.  They lost to North Carolina 71-65 in the 2017 National Championship Game.

Baylor vs. Gonzaga will be the 2nd straight Championship Game between two teams that have never won a championship.  The last time before 2019 that both teams were seeking their first title was 1990 (Duke vs. UNLV)

Baylor and Gonzaga will be playing each other for the 2nd straight tournament.  Gonzaga defeated Baylor 83-71 in the 2019 Round of 32.

The championship game between Gonzaga and Baylor will be the 6th time two private schools have met for the title.

  • 2021: Gonzaga vs. Baylor
  • 2010: Duke vs. Butler
  • 1985: Villanova vs. Georgetown
  • 1955: La Salle vs. San Francisco
  • 1954: La Salle vs. Bradley
  • 1942: Stanford vs. Dartmouth

Gonzaga is 2-1 vs. UCLA in the tournament.  UCLA defeated Gonzaga 73-71 in the 2006 Sweet Sixteen and Gonzaga defeated UCLA 74-62 in the 2015 Sweet Sixteen.

Gonzaga is 5-3 vs. the Pac 12

UCLA is 111-43 in the NCAA Tournament 

UCLA is 13-6 in National Semifinals, but has lost 3 straight

UCLA is 12-4 vs. the West Coast Conference

UCLA is 3-7 vs. AP #1 ranked teams.  Their last win over a #1 team in the tournament was against DePaul in 1980 Round of 32.

UCLA is the second team to ever play in 3 overtime games matching Syracuse in 1975

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