Tuesday, March 19, 2024

First Four Tidbits - Tuesday

Wagner 71 Howard 68

Wagner wins their 1st tournament game in their 2nd appearance with their 71-68 win over Howard.  They had previously lost to Pittsburgh 87-61 in the 2003 Round of 64.

With Fairleigh Dickinson winning 2 games in last year's tournament, this is the first time in tournament history that the Northeast Conference has won a tournament game in consecutive years.

Howard is now 0-4 in the NCAA Tournament.

Colorado State 67 Virginia 42

Colorado State wins their 1st tournament game since 2013 when they defeated Missouri 84-72 in the Round of 64.

Colorado State coach Niko Medved wins his first tournament game.  He is the 4th Colorado State coach to win an NCAA tournament game.

Colorado State's 25-point win is their largest margin of victory in 5 tournament wins.  Their previous high was 22 vs. Florida in the 1989 Round of 64.

Virginia's 42 points are the fewest that Colorado State has allowed in 17 tournament games.  Their previous low allowed was 46 vs. Florida in the 1989 Round of 64.

Virginia has lost three straight tournament games since winning the 2019 NCAA Tournament. They are the third team to ever lose their next three tournament games after losing the National Championship.  

  • Wyoming lost their next 6 tournament games after winning the 1943 tournament.
  • Utah lost their next 3 tournament games after winning the 1944 tournament.

Virginia has never won a tournament game when seeded #8 or worse.

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