Sunday, March 22, 2015

Most times upset by lower seed

With the loss to Wichita State, it marks the 10th time that Bill Self has loss to a lower seeded team in NCAA Tournament History.  It ranks him number 11 all-time.

Most times upset by coach
Coach SumOfLosses
Krzyzewski, Mike 20
Knight, Bob 15
Boeheim, Jim 15
Olson, Luther 14
Sutton, Eddie 12
Keady, Gene 12
Williams, Roy 11
Barnes, Rick 11
Smith, Dean 11
Huggins, Bob 11
Self, Bill 10

All of Bill Self's losses have been since 2000.  In that time frame, he has the 2nd most losses to a lower seeded team.

Most times upset by coach since 2000
Coach SumOfLosses
Krzyzewski, Mike 11
Self, Bill 10
Donovan, Billy 8
Barnes, Rick 8
Boeheim, Jim 7
Matta, Thad 7
Sampson, Kelvin 6
Ryan, Bo 6
Dixon, Jamie 6
Thompson, John III 6

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