Sunday, March 27, 2016

Syracuse - Virginia Elite Eight Tournament Tidbits

  • Syracuse is in the Final Four for the 6th time and the first time since 2013 when they lost to Michigan 61-56.  They are 2-3 in the National Semifinals.
  • Syracuse is now 2-1 vs. Virginia in the tournament.  They lost to Virginia 63-55 in the 1984 Sweet Sixteen and defeated Virginia 63-61 in the 1990 Second Round.
  • Syracuse’s win is their 5th vs. a #1 seed.  They are now 5-6 vs. #1 seeds.
  • Syracuse is the 1st #10 seed in the Final Four ever to advance to the Final Four.  They are the 4th double-digit seed to advance to the Final Four.  The other three were #11 seeds (1986 – LSU, 2006 – George Mason, 2011 – VCU)
  • Syracuse’s win is their 15th tournament win since 2010 matching Michigan State and Louisville for the 5th most this decade.  Only Kentucky (23), Duke (19), Wisconsin (16) and Kansas (16) have won more.
  • Virginia’s loss is the third by a #1 seed in the Elite Eight.  It is the third time that 3 #1 seeds have lost in the Elite Eight matching 2003 and 2006.  Never have all four #1 seeds lost in the Elite Eight during the same tournament.
  • This was the 4th time that Syracuse faced a team from the same conference in the tournament.  When they were in the Big East, they defeated Providence 77-63 in the 1987 National Semifinals, lost to Marquette 66-62 in the 2011 Second Round and defeated Marquette in the 2013 Elite Eight.
  • Virginia is now 0-3 when facing teams from the ACC.  They lost to North Carolina 78-65 in the 1981 National Semifinals and to North Carolina State 63-62 in the 1983 Elite Eight.

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