Saturday, March 31, 2018

Final Four Tidbits

Villanova and Michigan will be playing in the tournament for the 2nd time.  Villanova defeated Michigan 59-55 in the 1985 Round of 32 en route to the National Championship.

Michigan is in the National Championship game for the first time since 2013 and the 7th time overall.  They lost to Louisville 82-76 in the 2013 National Championship game.

Michigan is now 7-1 in National Semifinal games.  They have won 7 straight National Semifinal games.  The 7 straight Semifinal wins is tied for the 2nd most all-time with Kentucky behind UCLA who won 9 straight.

Michigan is 2-0 vs. Loyola of Chicago.  They also defeated Loyola 84-80 in the 1964 Sweet Sixteen.

Michigan is 3-0 vs. the Missouri Valley.  They tie Duke, Kentucky and Michigan State with the most wins without a loss vs. the Missouri Valley.

Michigan is 18-4 as a #3 seed.  The 18 wins is the most all-time and 4 more than Florida who has the second most.

Michigan is 5-1 vs. #11 seeds. The 5 wins is tied for the 2nd most all-time behind Florida who has 9 wins vs. #11 seeds.

Michigan is 5-1 playing in the state of Texas.

The win by Michigan over Loyola ends a 2-game losing streak by the Big Ten vs. the Missouri Valley in the tournament.  The Big Ten is 12-7 vs. the Missouri Valley in the tournament.

John Beilein is 3-0 vs. the Missouri Valley in the tournament.  He was 2-0 as the coach of West Virginia.

Michigan has now won 6 straight tournament games played on a Saturday.  John Beilein is 6-1 as a Michigan coach on Saturday.

Loyola's loss drops them to 13-5 all-time in the tournament.  The .722 winning percentage is now 3rd highest in tournament history behind Duke (.750) and North Carolina (.729).

Loyola is 1-1 in National Semifinal games.

Loyola is 1-2 vs. the Big Ten.

Villanova is in the National Championship game for the first time since 2016 and the 4th time overall.  They defeated North Carolina 77-74 in the 2016 National Championship game.

Villanova is 4-2 in National Semifinal games.

Villanova is 2-1 vs. Kansas in the tournament.  They also defeated Kansas 64-59 in the 2016 Elite Eight.

Villanova defeats a Big Twelve team for the third straight game in the tournament.  It is the 6th time in tournament history that a team has defeated 3 (or more) teams from the same conference in a single tournament.  All of the other 5 won the National Championship.

  • 1992 Duke vs. Big Ten (Iowa, Indiana, Michigan)
  • 2001 Duke vs. Pacific Twelve (UCLA, USC, Arizona)
  • 2003 Syracuse vs. Big Twelve (Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas)
  • 2005 North Carolina vs. Big Ten (Wisconsin, Michigan State, Illinois)
  • 2012 Kentucky vs. Big Twelve (Iowa State, Baylor, Kansas)
  • 2018 Villanova vs. Big Twelve (West Virginia, Texas Tech, Kansas)
Villanova is now 5-1 vs. the Big Twelve.  They have won 5 straight vs. the Big Twelve with all 5 wins coming in the 2016 and 2018 tournaments.

Villanova is now 6-9 vs. #1 seeds.  The 6 wins is tied for 5th most all-time with Michigan State behind Duke (9), Kansas (8), North Carolina (8) and Arizona (7).

Villanova is 5-1 playing in the state of Texas.

Kansas is 9-6 in National Semifinal games.  

Kansas is 4-5 vs. the Big East.

Kansas is 8-9 vs. #1 seeds.

Kansas is 6-8 playing in the state of Texas and 3-3 in San Antonio.

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