Wednesday, March 15, 2023

First Four Tidbits - Wednesday

Fairleigh Dickinson is 2-6 in the NCAA Tournament.  Both of their wins are in the First Four and against SWAC teams from Texas.

Fairleigh Dickinson coach Tobin Anderson wins the first tournament game that he has coached.  It is the 3rd straight year that a coach won their first tournament game in the First Four.
  • 2021 - Drake (Darian DeVries) defeated Wichita State 53-52
  • 2021 - Norfolk State (Robert Jones) defeated Appalachian State 54-53
  • 2022 - Mike Woodson (Indiana) defeated Wyoming 66-58
  • 2023 - Tobin Anderson (Fairleigh Dickinson) defeated Texas Southern 84-61
Texas Southern plays in a game before the Round of 64 for the 6th time (including 5 since it was branded as the First Four).  They are now 3-3 in those games.  They had won their last 3 games in the First Four.

Arizona State is now 2-1 in the First Four.  They become the first team to win multiple First Four games as an at-large team.

Arizona State's 98 points is the most in a First Four game.  The previous high was 96 by Florida Gulf Coast in a 96-65 win over Fairleigh Dickinson in 2016.

With Nevada's loss, the Mountain West Conference has lost 10 consecutive tournament games.

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