Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Elite Eight - Tuesday - Tournament Tidbits

Gonzaga is 38-22 in the NCAA Tournament

Gonzaga is in the Final Four for the 1st time since 2017 and the 2nd time overall.  They are 1-0 in the National Semifinals.

Gonzaga has won 3 straight tournament games against the Pac 12

The WCC is 10-23 vs. the Pac 12.  

#1 seeds are 12-5 vs. #6 seeds including 7 straight.  The last #6 seed to defeat a #1 seed was Michigan over Ohio State in the 1992 Elite Eight.

USC is 17-21 in the NCAA Tournament

USC is 0-3 vs. #1 seeds and 0-2 vs. AP #1 ranked teams

USC’s 19-point loss is their largest margin of loss in 21 tournament losses.  Their previous high was 15 vs. Arizona State in the 1961 Sweet Sixteen.

UCLA is 111-42 in the NCAA Tournament

UCLA is in the Final Four for the 1st time since 2008 and the 19th time overall.  They are 13-5 in the National Semifinals.

UCLA is the first Pac 12 team since 2017 to advance to the Final Four when Oregon went.

UCLA is 4-1 vs. Michigan in the tournament.

The Pac 12 is 24-24 vs. the Big Ten in the tournament including 5 straight wins.

UCLA is 5-6 vs. #1 seeds.  The win ends a 3-game losing streak against #1 seeds.

#11 seeds are 4-4 vs. #1 seeds.  The 0.500 winning percentage is the best winning percentage by any seed against #1 seeds.

The seeds in the Final Four are #1, #1, #2 and #11.  That is the second time with that seed combination.  It also happened in 1986.

Michigan is 64-29 in the NCAA Tournament

Michigan is 1-5 vs. the Pac 12 in the tournament

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