Saturday, March 20, 2021

Round of 64 - Saturday - Session #3 - Tournament Tidbits

Iowa is 31-28 in the NCAA Tournament

Iowa is in the Round of 32 for the 2nd consecutive tournament and has won their last 4 Round of 64 games.

Iowa wins in the state of Indiana for the first time.  They were previously a tournament-worst 0-4.

Iowa is 5-1 on March 20

Grand Canyon is 0-1 in the NCAA Tournament.

Maryland is 43-27 in the NCAA Tournament

Maryland is 2-1 vs. Connecticut.  They lost to Connecticut 99-89 in the 1995 Sweet Sixteen and defeated them 90-82 in the 2002 Elite Eight.

Maryland is 21-3 in the Round of 64

Maryland is in the Round of 32 for the 2nd consecutive tournament

Connecticut is 59-31 in the NCAA Tournament

Connecticut is 18-3 in the Round of 64

Connecticut’s loss is their first as a #7 seed.  They were previously a tournament-best 6-0 as a #7 seed.

Ohio is 8-14 in the NCAA Tournament

Jeff Boals wins his first ever tournament game

Ohio wins their 3rd straight Round of 64 game.  They are 4-3 in the Round of 64.

Ohio wins their first ever tournament game on a Saturday.  They were a tournament-worst 0-7.

Virginia is 35-23 in the NCAA Tournament

Virginia loses in the Round of 64 for the 2nd time in 3 tournaments

Virginia is the 4th defending champion to lose in the Round of 64.

Defending Champions Loss


Defending Champion



Opponent Score














Iowa State







All of these teams also lost their Round of 64 game the year before they won the championship except for Connecticut who did not make the tournament the year before they won.

Virginia’s loss is their 7th all-time against a double-digit seed.  Only UCLA has more losses to double-digit seeds with 9.  Arizona, Purdue, Wisconsin, Temple and Oklahoma also have 7 such losses.

Five ACC schools lost a Round of 64 game.  It is the 5th time that a conference has had 5 schools lose a game in the first round.  It is the first time for the ACC.

  • 1989 – SEC (0-5)
  • 1995 – Big Ten (1-5)
  • 2013 – Big East (3-5)
  • 2016 – Pac 12 (2-5)
  • 2021 – ACC (2-5)

Oklahoma is 43-32 in the NCAA Tournament

Oklahoma is in the Round of 32 for the 2nd consecutive tournament

Oklahoma is 2-0 vs. Missouri in the tournament.  They also defeated Missouri 81-75 in the 2002 Elite Eight.

Oklahoma is a tournament-best 4-0 vs. the SEC

Missouri is 22-28 in the NCAA Tournament

Missouri has lost 5 consecutive Round of 64 games.


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