Friday, March 22, 2013

Creighton - Cincinnati Tournament Facts

Here are some NCAA Tournament facts about Creighton and Cincinnati:

Creighton wins in back-to-back tournaments for the first time in school history.

Creighton is now 4-3 when ranked and 3-1 when ranked vs. unranked opponents.

Missouri Valley teams are now 4-8 vs. Big East opponents.

Cincinnati ends a 4 game Round of 64 winning streak.

Creighton and Cincinnati have met once previously in the tournament.  Cincinnati defeated Creighton 66-46 in the 1962 Sweet Sixteen.

Creighton has faced two Big East opponents in past tournaments losing to both of them: 
  • Lost to Seton Hall 81-69 in 1991 Round of 32
  • Lost to West Virginia 63-61 in 2005 Round of 64
7 of Creighton's 10 tournament wins came in the Midwest Regional.

Cincinnati has played in the tournament as a member of 5 different conferences - more than any other school.  The conferences are Missouri Valley, Metro, Great Midwest, Conference USA and Big East.  Since they will not be in the Big East next year, but a yet to be named conference, they will probably add to that total.

Cincinnati has faced one Missouri Valley opponent in past tournaments:
  • Lost to Louisville 78-63 in 1975 Sweet Sixteen
Cincinnati is 14-2 in the Round of 64.  Their two losses were to Wisconsin in 1994 and Gonzaga in 2003.

The #10 seed by Cincinnati is their lowest ever seed.


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