Sunday, March 24, 2013

Indiana - Temple Tournament Facts

Here are some NCAA Tournament facts about Indiana and Temple:

Indiana is in the Sweet Sixteen for the 21st time.  It is their second consecutive appearance.  This is the first time since 1993-94 that Indiana is in back-to-back Sweet Sixteens.

The Big Ten is 17-9 vs. the Atlantic Ten with 2 victories during this round.

The 58 points is the fewest in a victory for Indiana since 1967 when they defeated Tennessee 51-44 in the Regional Third Place Game.

The 52 points allowed is the fewest that Indiana has allowed since 1984 when they lost to Virginia 50-48 in the Elite Eight.

Indiana is now 11-1 as a #1 seed.  Only Florida and Maryland have a better record at 6-0.

Temple is now 0-9 vs. a #1 seed which is a tournament worst.

Indiana defeated Temple 67-58 in 1994 Round of 32

Indiana is in the Round of 32 for the 22nd time.  It is their second consecutive trip.  They are 15-6 in the Round of 32.

Indiana is 2-1 vs. the Atlantic Ten:
  • 1978 - Lost to Villanova 61-60 in the Sweet Sixteen
  • 1994 - Defeated Temple 67-58 in the Round of 32
  • 1999 - George Washington 108-88 in the Round of 64
Indiana is 10-1 as a #1 seed.  They won the National Championship as a #1 seed in 1987.

Indiana is 24-5 when ranked vs. an unranked opponent.  Temple is 5-14 when unranked vs. a ranked opponent.

Indiana is a tournament worst 0-3 on March 24.

Indiana is 8-1 on Sundays.

Temple is in the Round of 32 for the 20th time.  Their last appearance was 2011.  They are 6-13 in the Round of 32.

Temple is 4-8 vs. the Big Ten

Temple is tied with Arkansas for a tournament worst 0-8 vs. #1 seeds.  They are 0-11 vs. #1 or #2 seeds which is the worst record in tournament history.

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