Friday, March 22, 2013

San Diego State - Oklahoma Tournament Facts:

Here are some NCAA Tournament facts about San Diego State and Oklahoma:

San Diego State wins for the first time as an unranked team.  They are now 1-6 when unranked.

Mountain West is now 3-1 vs. the Big Twelve.

Oklahoma is 0-3 as a #10 seed.

Oklahoma is 6-8 when unranked.

San Diego State's only 2 tournament wins were in the 2011 tournament.

San Diego State is 0-2 when playing on Fridays.

Lon Kruger is the first coach to take 5 different schools to the tournament.  He is also Oklahoma's 6 different coach in the tournament.

Oklahoma has faced one Mountain West team in the tournament before.  The lost to Utah 67-58 in the 2005 Round of 32.

Oklahoma is a #10 seed for the third time.  They lost both previous times.  In 1996, they lost to Temple 61-43 and in 1998, they lost to Indiana 94-87.


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