Friday, March 22, 2013

Notre Dame - Iowa State Tournament Facts

Here are some NCAA Tournament facts about Notre Dame and Iowa State:

Iowa State defeats a Big East team in the Round of 64 for the second consecutive year.

Iowa State is 3-3 as the lower seed in the Round of 64.  They have won their last 3.

The Big Twelve is 15-13 against the Big East.  Iowa State's 18-point victory is the second largest for a Big Twelve team over a Big East team.  Kansas defeated Syracuse by 29 in the 2001 Round of 32.

It is the 3rd largest victory for Iowa State in tournament history.  Their two largest came against UCLA and Auburn in 2000.

It is also Notre Dame's 3rd largest defeat in tournament history.

Notre Dame loses to a double-digit seed for the fourth consecutive year.

Notre Dame is 0-3 vs. teams from Iowa.  They lost to Iowa 121-116 in 1970 Regional Third Place Game and to Drake 79-72 in 1971 Sweet Sixteen.

Notre Dame has lost to a double-digit seed each of the past 3 tournaments.

Notre Dame is 2-2 when playing in the state of Ohio.

Iowa State has won in the Round of 64 in 6 of their last 7 tournament appearances.

Iowa State has played one Big East team in past tournaments.  They defeated Connecticut 77-64 in the 2012 Round of 64.

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