Friday, March 22, 2013

North Carolina State - Temple Tournament Facts

Here are some NCAA Tournament facts about North Carolina State and Temple:

Temple is now 3-0 in the Round of 64 as a #9 seed.

The win for Temple was just the third for an Atlantic Ten team over an ACC team.  The A-10 is now 3-17 vs. the ACC.  The other two were St. Joseph's defeating Wake Forest 84-80 in the 2004 Sweet Sixteen and St. Joseph's defeating Georgia Tech 66-62 in the 2001 Round of 64.

North Carolina State has won in the Round of 64 in their last 4 appearances and 7 of their last 8.  They were the lower seed in their last 3.

North Carolina played their first two games in Ohio (Columbus) last year and won the both:
  • Defeated San Diego State 79-65 in Round of 64
  • Defeated Georgetown 66-63 in Round of 32
This is the 6th consecutive tournament appearance for Temple, but they have only won one game in their previous five.

Temple is 1-4 vs. the Atlantic Coast Conference.  Their only win was in 1958 Sweet Sixteen vs. Maryland.  They have lost their last 4.

Temple has been a #9 seed two other times.  In both occurrences, they won their Round of 64 game, but lost their Round of 32 game.

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